Here at Playkidds we are proud to be part of the Salford Community and try our best to give back to the community where possible.

This is why we now accept Food Donations for the Salford Food bank.

Any food that you could donate would be greatly appreciated as it will go to someone in need who, for whatever circumstances, are not currently able to provide for themselves.

Below is the shopping list of desired items for the Food Bank. This list has been designed by nutritionists to ensure that each food package they deliver has the best possible nutritional value.

Along with helping the Salford Food bank, we are also proud to support Local schools with our very own Kareful Kidd "Please do not stop here" signs which can be placed outside school gates to further protect the children from traffic.

We have donated some of these signs to the schools we provide childcare for and they are also available to buy from us for your school or organisation.

Email for more information.