Road Safety Programme.....

Play Kidd's is running a road safety Programme where Children from Primary schools will be invited to the centre to experience our purpose built Road Safety track.

The Programme uses the Go-Karts to show the children a drivers perspective of road safety allowing the children to see that vehicles do not stop instantly at crossings etc. With the use of props such as Traffic lights, Zebra crossings and more, we recreate a road scenario and the children operate the various equipment in order to cross the road when it is safe to do so.

Along with the practical session, there is also a theory presentation that is shown to the children before the practical session to familiarise the children with light sequences and rules of the road.

The main aim of the Koolkarts Road Safety Programme is to prevent the shocking number of road accidents involving young children on UK roads. (latest figures show 8% increase in serious and fatal injuries for children in road accidents). With the addition of the Government stopping funding for TV Road Safety adverts, it is vital that we act against this. Giving the children the chance to learn road safety in a unique way will hopefully maximise their attention towards road safety and If we help save the life of one child, the Programme
will have been a huge sucess. The Programme is narrated by Karefull Kidd.

Karefull Kidd gives good tips and lets everyone know the correct things to do when crossing roads.

Karefull Kidd has a younger sister who doesnt listen to his advice and think she knows best. She is called Kareless Kidd.

Kareless Kidd is used as a bad example in the Road Safety Programme. She questions Karefull Kidd's advice to which Karefull Kidd explains his reasons.
Kreative and Konstruction Kidd are the Mother and Father of Karefull and Kareless kid. Konstruction Kidd thinks he knows best about safety. Unfortunately this isnt the case.

A little message from Karefull Kidd  “Road safety is so important boys and girls. let me teach you and your friends to keep safe.”



Koolkarts delivered a great educational experience for my Year 2 class. Highlighting the dangers associated with road safety. Within a fun-filled karting session.

The children absolutely loved the experience and were able to recall road safety fact learned on the day months later. I would recommend the sessions to any teacher covering road safety. Well done Koolkarts and thanks for a super afternoon!

Gill Douglas
Year 2 Teacher
Beech Street Primary School

Play Kidd's announcement: Events could be subject to change without further notice.