Play Kidd's announcement: Events could be subject to change without further notice.

Here is a list of what we have to Offer Outside of Play Kidds Play Centre and sensory room.

Medium Bouncy castle


This bouncy castle is easily accommodated inside most community or leisure centre halls and also most standard sized back gardens. The bouncy castle is 12ft by 16ft and has a rain cover so can be used in or outdoors.
The Bouncy castles prove a big hit with the children as we see the smiles and hear the laughs everytime! If you are interested in hiring one of our castles contact us for details.

Large Bouncy Castle

This bouncy castle allows for more children to bounce at one time. We advise that up to 8 children at one metre tall bounce at any one time. But once again it is to be noted that the more children on the castle the higher the risk is. This Castle measures 16X12 ft.

The Sporting Challenge tm

This is the sporting challenge. It was created after working with sale sharks and Salford Red Devils rugby clubs. The idea is for sports fans to try and win prizes by passing a rugby balls or kicking footballs through the 3 holes located on the back wall of the inflatable.

As can be seen on the above images, the inflatable can be branded with logos of the foundation or organisation we work with. Given enough time, we can provide this branding opportunity for your events.

Along with the large inflatables, we also have a selection of party games that can be hired to help create a great atmosphere if your planning on hosting your own party for your child/children.
The following equipment can be hired;

  • Giant wooden connect 4 (black with red and yellow counters)
  • Wooden Football table
  • Mini basketball
Prices can be discussed by emailing